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SUB 300 Beta

The SUB 300β is a stainless steel diving watch that seamlessly combines tool-watch engineering with urban elegance. Featuring a ceramic bezel, sunburst-finish dial with a wave pattern, and a subtle bezel redesign for sleekness, it embodies technical robustness while maintaining a stylish urban look. The 'β' for 'BETA' signifies a palette of colors and fresh finishes, making it equally suitable for underwater exploration, boardroom meetings, and various situations in between.

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Professional - DOXA Watches USProfessional - DOXA Watches US
SUB 300 Beta
Professional Sale priceFrom USD 2,250.00
Searambler - DOXA Watches USSearambler - DOXA Watches US
SUB 300 Beta
Searambler Sale priceFrom USD 2,250.00
Caribbean - DOXA Watches USCaribbean - DOXA Watches US
SUB 300 Beta
Caribbean Sale priceFrom USD 2,250.00
Divingstar - DOXA Watches USDivingstar - DOXA Watches US
SUB 300 Beta
Divingstar Sale priceFrom USD 2,250.00
Aquamarine - DOXA Watches USAquamarine - DOXA Watches US
SUB 300 Beta
Aquamarine Sale priceFrom USD 2,250.00