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2023: A Year of DOXA Surprises - DOXA Watches US

2023: A Year of DOXA Surprises

2023 was an important year for DOXA, with a number of key watch launches, each catering to different preferences and lifestyles. It was a year that saw many releases that the watch collecting community was not necessarily expecting. Jan Edöcs, CEO of DOXA, explains more: “Everybody was expecting a year of launches where DOXA was essentially going back to the history books using orange again, orange again and orange again! So, we decided to have a year where DOXA makes something very different, where we fused the past and the future in a way that exceeded people’s expectations.”

First to be unveiled was the SUB 200 C-GRAPH II, designed for extreme activities such as cave diving. With a new, slimmer 42mm stainless steel case, the watch is built to withstand the challenges of both diving and caving. The chronograph function allows for longer periods of precise timing, up to 12 hours, making it ideal for the extended durations often encountered in cave diving. The sunray finish dial adds a vintage touch, and the watch is available in six different colorways with matching FKM straps.

“We had offered a 45mm chronograph, but we recognized the trend towards smaller watches and so decided that the C-GRAPH II would be smaller. The market responded very well to the watch, especially the sunray-finish dials, and it was a commercial success,” explains Edöcs.


The second key launch of 2023 was the SUB 300T Clive Cussler Edition, a very special watch that pays homage to the renowned author, diver, and underwater explorer Clive Cussler. In collaboration with Clive's son Dirk Cussler, DOXA created a special edition with features that reflect Cussler's adventurous spirit. “This was a very important release for us and was a two-year process of working with the family to develop a product that would truly honor the memory of Clive Cussler and the National Underwater Marine Agency (NUMA). We didn’t simply want to create an orange dial Dirk Pitt watch. No, we wanted to pay tribute to the man that was the most important DOXA ambassador in the literary world.”

The watch has an aged steel effect on the case and bracelet, reminiscent of vintage tool watches. The dial showcases a vintage compass illustration, symbolizing Cussler's dedication to exploration and each piece is individually engraved with a unique number, and the watch subtly commemorates Clive Cussler's birthday. “We truly wanted to imagine a watch that had been at the bottom of the ocean, like one of the shipwrecks that Pitt and NUMA searched for. We did this by spending a lot of time perfecting the aged steel effect of the case. And the dial had the subtle nod to Cussler’s birthday, 15th July ’31, in red. Small details like this made this watch very, very special for us. Then launching at the New York Yacht Club, where people had tears in their eyes with the emotion of the event, was a real celebration of such a unique timepiece.”


The third important DOXA launch was the SUB 300β, a new concept that takes the brand in a new direction. First in the new β series is the Sharkhunter, a bold and chic dive watch that offers a wealth of possibilities above and beyond traditional dive watch usage. The Sharkhunter features a black ceramic case, a first for the SUB 300 series, and a black and gold color scheme, adding a touch of urban sophistication. Explains Edöcs: “With the SUB 300β Sharkhunter, we left the beach and took the watch into a more urban environment. We felt that the brand needed a watch at the top of the pyramid, commercially in terms of price, and so we launched another big surprise that nobody saw coming – a ceramic and 18kt gold DOXA! Not only that, but it also had a COSC-certified movement, at a price that whilst the top of DOXA’s pyramid, was very good value compared to our competition.”


The 42mm watch is slimmed down to 11.95mm, making it versatile for various occasions, with contrasting matte and glossy elements, along with yellow gold hour markers, contributing to the watch's striking aesthetic. With its COSC-rated movement, the SUB 300β is not just a stylish accessory but also a reliable timekeeper suitable for any urban adventure. “DOXA watches are recognizable from 10 meters across the room. That is why I was very happy to have the tone-on-tone dial, where the DOXA name isn’t jumping out at you; it’s our aesthetic that does that.”


In summary, DOXA's 2023 watch launches showcased the brand's commitment to innovation, style, and functionality. Each model catered to a specific lifestyle or preference, ranging from the chic urbanite to the adventurous cave diver, all while maintaining the iconic design elements that defined DOXA's SUB series. “2023 was a super year for us, as we really came to our customers with both a new price range offering and an expanded offer in new horological territories, which is what any good brand needs to do”, claims Edöcs.

So, what do ‘inDOXAcated’ fans have to look forward to for 2024? Will there be even more new materials and experimentation with materials? Platinum or Titanium? “No, this will be a year when DOXA looks back at its core collection and revisits an old friend with some updates for new markets and the changing tastes in watches,” explains Edöcs. “A watch that is for an afternoon on the beach and for spending time in the water and that is simple, but with the key characteristics of a DOXA that our customers love!”

Watch this space!