Your adventure. Your SUB.

Available Dials:














Stainless Steel

  • Silver


  • Orange

  • Black

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Navy

  • Turquoise

Half a century ago, the DOXA SUB dive watch concept set the tone for dive watches by introducing the orange dial. In extensive open water dive research by the team of divers and engineers around Urs Eschle, who was in charge of product development at DOXA, orange proved to be the brightest and the most legible color down to a depth of 30 feet. This made it the logical choice for the very first SUB, the SUB 300, introduced in 1967. 

The orange dial color was just one of the many intelligent features that established the SUB as a truly purpose-designed dive watch. And because professionals naturally gravitate toward those who share the same values and uphold the same high standards, it wasn’t long before leading diving companies and equipment manufacturers would associate with DOXA. 

US Divers, TUSA, Poseidon, Project Aware… The dial color became a way to cement these special relationships and DOXA’s commitment to preserving the marine environment. Over the years the spectrum has grown from the original orange to a range of distinctive dial colors. Each for a limited series, each building the legend and marking a new chapter in the unfolding SUB adventure.

Adventure means freedom. The freedom of action and expression. Owning a SUB is that kind of statement. And it’s only natural to offer the possibility of choosing the dial color you intuitively feel drawn to. Along with the bracelet that best suits your style, taste and purpose. Because when you set out on an adventure, you want everything to be just right. And that also goes for what goes on your wrist.