“D” squared: DOXA and Diving

The early 60’s. The space race is on.
Yet, as the world looks up at the stars above, another universe beckons below:  The deep blue sea.

Invented during the World War II and perfected in the decade that followed, the Aqua-Lung underwater breathing regulator is the “open sesame” to that new world of adventure and sports beneath the waves. There are more and more fascinating movie documentaries, TV shows and magazine articles about underwater adventures and mysteries. 

Urs Eschle, head of product development at DOXA, sees where all this will lead. He has the same sparkle in his eyes that Georges Ducommun, DOXA’s founder, must have had half a century before when he saw how the automobile industry was gaining momentum and conceived the “8-Day DOXA Caliber” for driving.

Likewise, the new sport of diving calls for the right kind of timekeeping piece. 

A rugged and reliable watch is essential equipment underwater. Although diving watches have been around for a decade, for all intents and purposes they have the look and feel of a tool mostly reserved for military and professional use. And they’re expensive.Urs envisions a dependable and affordable watch, purpose-designed for the growing community of underwater explorers. He sets up a team that includes professional divers like Claude Wesly, already a legend through his missions with Jacques-Yves Cousteau, none other than the inventor of the Aqua-Lung himself. 

Project SUB is born. The year is 1964.

SUB 1200T
USD 1,890.00
SUB 1500T
USD 2,390.00
SUB 200
USD 990.00